The Universe Makes a Noise

The Universe makes a noise. Did you know that when two black holes collide they sound like a spinning coin at the point where it almost stops. The point where its edge begins to rattle on the surface which it spins. We can hear this because of the vibrations of space. I like to think that everything in the universe makes a noise. Everything from a burning star to the flight of a fallen leaf. I like to imagine the Universe as some sort of majestic orchestra playing a song and everything that exists is an instrument playing its part; sounding its note. In my mind this gives meaning to the chaos of the world. The thought that things happen because they have to, because it’s part of the song in which we all play. Freewill has been removed and instead we are left with pitch and tempo. The song has been playing from the dawn of time and will finish at its dusk. We can never hear the playing piece, our notes began after the beginning. We’re just one instrument deafened by our neighbours in this cosmic orchestra, unable to hear further than their notes or ours.

So maybe, just maybe, instead of the big bang being an explosion, what if it was simply just the first key struck or the first strum of a celestial guitar.          

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