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People often say to me; “Karl (they call me Karl because that’s my name) how can we get more of you in our lives?” Of course my normal answer is; “well gee’z guys I’m flattered, but there’s only so much I can do.” when one day (today) the light bulb in my head switched on, as it often does. (Well that’s not technically true. The light bulb is always on, it just gets brighter.) This proverbial light bulb (I call it a proverbial light bulb as there isn’t actually a light bulb in my head. Well at least as a far as I’m aware.) enlightened me to the possibility that the people who say to me “Karl how can we get more of you in our lives?” (see above) could by way of blog. (this blog) This is the first posting in what I’m sure is going to amass a huge following. (like my penis)

As I type this at the window in my bedroom. I can’t help but wonder if their isn’t more I could do for my fellow man (and “woman” as I’m not sexist and realise that many “woman” can now in fact read.)

Recently I have been giving a lot of thought to the thought of volunteering. However this thought raises many more agonising thoughts such as:

  1. What charity is worthy of having my time? (if any)

  2. If I was to pick one charity to get my time, what effect would this have on the other charities?

  3. If the answer to question number two (2.) is a negative one, then surely the best thing I could do is not volunteer at all?

  4. For surely all the good I would do for one cause would be out-weighted by the negative effect it would have on the others?

  5. Can even a man such as myself volunteer to all the charities in the world?

  6. If I don’t volunteer then how do I make my self feel better by making the world better for you?

For as predominantly life changing as reading this blog is, I fear it may not be enough.

This has been the first of many insights into the mind of perfection, as you now will be coming aware; even perfection has it’s flaws.

Good-bye for now, and please aspire to be the best you can be.

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