I had a big list of reasons regarding what I didn’t like about the Ice Bucket challenge and why I didn’t want to do it (most of them were centred around production value and why people insist on filming in the wrong aspect-ratio). Then I had an idea and I found it funny.

The film is indented to be a parody of perfume ads, as (lets be honest) most of them are frinkin’ ridiculous ¬†as in “I’m not going to be what you want me to be anymore” – alright… not quite sure what that is supposed to mean and how it relates to perfume, but ok. Any-who I was going for a faux French New Wave vibe, hope that comes across.

So long story short, it turns out I will completely ignore my morals and better instincts for the chance to make people laugh. Enjoy the result, I proudly give you ‘Water’

Experiments in Sleep Deprivation

It’s the eve of my final university deadline. A conclusion shaped bow has been stuck to the essay and all that’s left is the bibliography. My 2:1 classification is all but in the proverbial bag, yet my relief and joy is mixed with a dull sense of unease churning in my stomach. (Or maybe that’s just yesterday’s reheated takeaway) For the first time in my life I don’t know what happens next. Up until now I’ve always had a vague plan and a notion of how to achieve it. It was easy. Want go to university. See what grades I need, put in the work, get them. Now with graduation looming comes the realisation that I’ve no clear plan left. Do I want to do a masters? Can I get funding? Do I just try and get a job in television? Maybe just a proper job in general? What exactly does a degree in English Literature actually qualify me to do? Is this something I should have thought about four years ago? I’ve a novel I want to try and write, is that the way to go? What are the chances I’ll actually be able to get a book published? Is lack of sleep making me lethargic, a whine, ask to many questions? Yes. The answer to all is yes and that’s the problem and want to do each and all. I just need to figure out how to get the grades.

The Client

A young man goes to a life coach in order to seek help with his nerves.

Made as an entry for the 2012 Dundee 48 Hour Film Project.

Was written, shot and edited within 48 hours by:

Nick Edwards – Editor/Camera Operator/Writer
Karl Henry – Actor/Producer/Writer
Iain Mitchell – Actor/Producer/Writer
Steven Tait – Director/Camera Operator/Writer
Stuart Wilkie – Actor/Sound Operator/Writer

The Attack of the Giant Green Lizard Thing

My first attempt at filmmaking, circa 2008.

When a Giant Green Lizard Thing, knocks out the power in their flat, two friends decide the only way they’re going to finish their video game is if they travel to B & Q for a generator. But first they must defeat the one thing that stands in their way. The Giant Green Lizard Thing.
Kirsty Dykes – Actress
Nick Edwards – Associate Producer
Karl Henry – Actor/Writer/Director/Editor
Iain Mitchell – Actor/Physical Effects Supervisor
Craig Mooney – Actor/Camera Man
Steven Tait – Actor/Special Effects Supervisor
Stuart Wilkie – Extra