I had a big list of reasons regarding what I didn’t like about the Ice Bucket challenge and why I didn’t want to do it (most of them were centred around production value and why people insist on filming in the wrong aspect-ratio). Then I had an idea and I found it funny.

The film is indented to be a parody of perfume ads, as (lets be honest) most of them are frinkin’ ridiculous  as in “I’m not going to be what you want me to be anymore” – alright… not quite sure what that is supposed to mean and how it relates to perfume, but ok. Any-who I was going for a faux French New Wave vibe, hope that comes across.

So long story short, it turns out I will completely ignore my morals and better instincts for the chance to make people laugh. Enjoy the result, I proudly give you ‘Water’

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